Vocation Discernment Retreat Weekend

Ash Wednesday

Ash Wednesday . . . now we enter into the Sacred Season of Lent. A special graced time to prepare our hearts for a greater participation and remembrance of His Passion, Death, and Resurrection.  During these weeks, we allow His sentiments to shape and renew us as we walk with Him . . . and the Sign of the Cross that we receive on our forehead today marks us as belonging to Jesus Crucified . . . and the Triumph of His Resurrection.

"Sacred Silence"

  is a wondrous thing
    a gift from God's Own Heart.

It's Beauty lies in that
  the language spoken
    is both mystery
      and revelation.

Mystery . . .
  because it's like stepping
     into another world . . .

Revelation . . .
  because in silence
     we can hear
         the Heartbeat of God
            that speaks
            Language of Love.

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