St. Gemma Galgani: Paradise is waiting for us!

"Paradise is waiting for us.  If living for Jesus on earth makes us so happy, what must heaven be like where we shall see him in all his infinite greatness, goodness and beauty.  I hope for mercy from this Jesus, mercy for me and for all poor sinners.  If I could, I would atone for all their sins and mine."  (From the writings of St. Gemma Galgani)

Congregation of the Nuns of the Passion of Jesus Christ: 250th Jubilee

I rejoice in the Lord that His Divine Majesty has brought this holy work to completion, with all of you consecrated as Brides of the Crucified through your holy vows.  Now it remains for all of you to correspond with such a great grace.  Therefore, try especially to put into practice the holy directives given you by Father John Mary.  Let them observe their holy Rules.  Above all, they shall reveal the light of Christ's charity among themselves by loving one another, by sharing their sufferings in community, by being of mutual help to one another in their need, in a word, by being to one another a living witness of the Crucified, so that they may be splendor for this world, which has grown so cold.  (From a letter by St. Paul of the Cross to Mother Mary Crucified, co-foundress of the Passionist Nuns, May 29, 1772)

The Contemplative Passionist Life