A most precious gift for which to be thankful . . .


"the greatest and most overwhelming work of God's love!"

(St. Paul of the Cross)

November 21--Feast of the Presentation of Mary: A blessed day for Passionists

"My heart will no longer be mine, because I am not my own anymore.  My heart will belong only to God: He is my love!" (St. Paul of the Cross)

"Paul used to say that this feast was the blessed anniversary of that day on which he took leave of the world and wore the habit of the Passion for the first time.  It was the day on which, in the flower of his youth, he offered himself to the Divine Majesty.  Thus, he imitated the heavenly Queen who presented herself in the temple as a sacrifice most pleasing to the heart of God."  (From the Life of Venerable Paul of the Cross by Saint Vincent Mary Strambi, bishop)

Make your flights of spirit into the sweet Heart of Jesus

"O my daughter in Jesus Christ! Believe me, the affairs of your spirit have never gone so well as now.  I assure you that in these interior afflictions and external insults are hidden the great treasure of Holy Love; for by these means His Divine Majesty intends to prepare your soul to receive the most sublime gifts of heaven.  Be strong, therefore, and constant.  Bear yourself always with great meekness, patience, humility, and silence, remaining abandoned in God like a little lamb . . . Above all, I recommend to you a holy internal solitude, and I pray that you make your flights of spirit into the sweet Heart of Jesus.  Lock yourself in there with the golden key of Divine Love, placing this precious key in the pure Heart of Mary, Mother of Sorrows." (From a letter by St. Paul of the Cross to Sister Maria Cherubina Bresciani, October 19, 1740)

The Contemplative Passionist Life