Vocation Discernment Retreat Weekend

A Lenten Journey

"Lent is a time when we relive the Passion of Christ.  Let it not be just a time when our feelings are roused, but let it be a change that comes through cooperation with God's grace in real sacrifices of self" (Mother Teresa of Calcutta).

Portrait of a Lenten Journey

Prayer . . .
  the atmosphere which fills the heart
    with His Presence

Fasting . . .
  the "meal" prepared daily
     for others
  through sacrifice and charity

Almsgiving . . .
  the gifts which reach
    into one's heart
  and are poured out for needy souls

Penance . . .
  the Lenten desert road
    that silently leads one
      to purity of heart
        and union
  with Our Crucified and Risen Lord Jesus.

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