September 14: The Exaltation of the Holy Cross

     "I stop here at the foot of the cross.  I come close to it; I embrace it.  I kiss it, especially where it is drenched most liberally with the blood of the Crucified. . . .

    My brothers and sisters, through the wounds of the Lord, let us plunge into the boundless ocean of God's love.  The apostle Saint Paul, our guide and instructor, says that Jesus, dying on the cross, wanted to show the ardor of his love for us.  The Crucified is a furnace of love flaming out on every side.  How many are the wounds, which are so many apertures through which the fire flares; how many the bloody lacerations, which are so many mouths crying out: Love, love!"  

    (From the book The Treasures Which We Have in Jesus Christ by Saint Vincent Mary Strambi, bishop)

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